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tracking custom clicks

I’m trying to track custom clicks created into ‘Segment Email’ and ‘Template Email’. These two type of emails where sent by API action ‘Send Email To Contact’. In first case (‘Segment Email’) on emails view page there is no tracking information at all. In second case (‘Template Email’) I can see almost all of the tacking data like “Sent Emails” “Read Emails” etc. except the Clicks count. I’m using latest staging repository branch. I need somehow to catch these custom links clicks. It can be a bug? Also everywhere in date filter From, To data are displaying without current day. For example to see statistic for current day I need to pass into date ‘To’ tomorrow date. Thanks.

Hey Dorin, no help from me I’m afraid, just an extra question for anyone that may have an answer to your question… is there any way to track WHO is clicking the links in emails? At the moment all we can get is click counts/open email counts etc. All very generic and not specific enough for our requirements…

Probably my answer to you wouldn’t be the best answer but you can do a trick in this case. For each link just add into query parameters lead id. Ex. In this case you’ll have click statistics for each lead.

About my top question, I’ll ask in few words.

  • Links from email are not tracked at all.
    What can be the reason? the url link from email is redirecting correctly, first to my site then to final destination link.

After digging into the code I found that clicks are tracked only for anonymous users. And that’s, logic. Quickly changing the browser I got my tracking point. But I still don’t understand why “Emails sent” and “Emails read” are not tracked.

Hey Dorin, not very good logic? :=] I might try adding {contactfield=id} to the end of the clickable field and see what happens in the Mautic emails interface

Thanks for your feedback

In the Mautic emails interface links will split by every id you’ll enter. I’ve already tested. But pay attention this additional parameter may affect final url. So another safe idea: you can use anchor, for ex: Good luck!