Question: Zapier, Integromat or Integrately

Hello people,

Trying to figure out if via any of the above applications (or others) you can add points to Mautic contacts current point total.

For example: If a contact opens an email via Mailchimp or engages in chat via Tawk, you can add “n” points to their Mautic contact points field?

So far, what I have found is limiting.

Any ideas?

Thanks to any.

I’ve never personally used any of those systems, so I can’t say for sure if there’s a preexisting node. My guess would be yes, but even if not Mautic has an API endpoint available for adding points, so at very minimum it should be possible to update via an http request node.

If n8n is an option, there’s a Mautic node built in.

Thanks Peter … I will investigate further in detail.