Really bad loading time on server down

Hi there, yesterday my server went down for 9 hours.

Inside my pages code i am loading this javascript code:

It seems like if the server down the sites pages loading really, really slow.
I lost a lot of ranking in google after the 9 hours.

I rather not load it with html code and i so it’s a problem to load the script with ajax.

Does anyone found a way to deal with something like so the websites won’t get hurt the the server of mautic is down?

It seems like my main problem coming from the save cache of the form on the page when the server is down, and loading the code with ajax was messy and didn’t work last time i checked.

I think this is rather a hosting question…

Yes, in a way you are right and if that happen again i will get a VPS on differnet company.
But when something like that happen once it will happen again and every hosting has a downtime.

Given the fact the the form is inside 30 website i had to fix it and while it wasn’t eazy i found a way to load the form with lazy loading with javasciprt.


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