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I think for new analysts in ACS, having explanation of all report types and data sources will be helpful over here - Reports | Mautic Community Documentation

So if I wanted to contribute documentation for the report page, would creating an issue and then creating the documentation is preferred, or just send a pull request when the changes are made in forked branch?

I have started creating explanation for data sources here - Comparing mautic:master...prasannakulkarni333:report-format · mautic/mautic-documentation · GitHub

So wanted to know the recommended steps to start working on a specific part of documentation.

P:S - this is my first post!

Hi @ledzee and welcome to the forums!

I would suggest raising an issue first to explain what you are planning to contribute and then making a WIP PR which you can add to as you go.

Please take into account that Mautic Community may not have exactly the same features as Acquia Campaign Studio, I would recommend that you ensure any screenshots are coming from a community instance and that you check the workflows/options are the same.

If you need to, you can make use of for this purpose.

Our styleguide for contributing to the documentation can be found here and you may also find the markup here useful for making things pretty!

You can create multiple pages in the reports folder should you need to - just take a look at other pages for examples of how to organise them!

Shout if you need any help and please join us on Slack in #t-education!

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Got it. Thank you for the reply and suggestions!

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So I am using staging branch in Mautibox to take my screenshots.
I see three tabs (Details, Data, Schedule) as shown in the below screenshot.
But existing screenshot on this page shows 4 tabs (additional tab named Graph) - Reports | Mautic Community Documentation
Which branch on Mautibox should I be using to take screenshots?