Restored database - data not showing in front end

I migrated to a new server. On the new server, I installed mautic and started with a fresh database (used the GUI to create the database).

On the old server I performed a mysql backup with mysql dump into a 1.5GB file, then restored it into the new database I created above using mysql command.

I restarted apache server and cleared mautic cache.

In the database terminal, it’s showing the data was imported (some tables over 100mb).

However, no contacts, companies, etc. are showing in front end. Not one record.

Am I missing any steps here that I need to complete?

Do any certain things need to match on the old database to the new one - for example, does the database name need to match the old database? I used a different name for the new one I restored the data to.

Thanks for any help

check your local.php file to make sure the correct database name and version and credentials are listed. its in the mauticinstall/app/config folder

Hi, @EJL! this is my first time posting on the forum. we recently migrated our campaigns from the old Mautic server to a new one. The new campaign tree looks like the one encircled in red but I want to make them look like the one in blue. Is there any way to easily do this? Because we have some very complex campaign trees that are all disconnected or just “floating” at the moment.