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Salesforce integratin doesn´t work properly

Hi all!

Trying to pull lead update infos from Salesforce by Mautic doesn´t work.
We set the cronjob as decribed in the documentation:
But nothing happens. I created a field in Salesforce and in Mautic contact, calling it “Nurturing”. If the box is marked for yes (true) in Salesforce, this info has to be send to Mautic and update the field value there to yes (true), too. Then I can use the lead to be nurtured by campaigns in Mautic. But nothing gets to Mautic. In Mautic I only can see the log files related directional to Salesforce. How can I check the pull-from-Salesforce logs?? How can I even test the correct functionality of the plugin or get info about bugs??

Thanks for help in advance!

have you set up cron jobs and alll for this