Scheduled Reports Attachments


I am seeing some strange behaviour with sending scheduled reports.

On certain instances of Mautic we are able to send out scheduled reports and emails are being sent out with attachment, however on certain instances the attachment is not being sent.

I have tried looking through system logs and mautic.error but am unable to find anything that sticks out.

Any ideas on how to debug or maybe some fixes if someone has experienced this already

When you view the report and export, does it’s size exceed any of the server parameters or timeouts?

Hey @EJL Thanks for the reply. Nope it does not, I am running really tiny reports to test, however I did see the article about attachment size.

Te export I am running is only 8KB.

I am not seeing anything in the logs

I’m sure you already thought of this but the way I would troubleshoot is turn off all crons, enable debugging and run the reports cron with the -vvv option to see the output.

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Hey @EJL No I did not :-). But great idea and never thought of running the cron with -vvv. Will give it a shot and report on the results.


Just ran this: php7.3 /var/www/mautic/bin/console mautic:reports:scheduler -vvv

Scheduler has finished

Did not get much from it. I am wondering if it is maybe something with the different versions of Mautic.

The one that is working for me 3.3.1 and the ones that are not working are 3.3.2, 3.2.4.

Would be interested to see where the temp files are created and what is happing. None of the logs are showing anything.

Really frustrating