Scheduled social posts Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Is there a possibility to create scheduled posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in Mautic? As a part of a campaign or manually? If not, what are the possible solutions to this problem?

Webhooks and existing plugins do not solve the problem.

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Hi @dariamikl and thanks for asking a great question!

You can schedule up Tweets using a campaign, but there isn’t a social media management tool like Hootsuite/Tweetdeck and the like within Mautic.

If you feel that would be a good option, perhaps you could write up a short proposal in #ideas and see what others think!

I believe we have got some social media stuff on the roadmap but I am not sure exactly what that will entail as yet.

Hello @rcheesley , could you explain a bit how to program the tweets in the campaigns? Would this be possible for Facebook / Instagram? Thanks!