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Scope for website

Our first task is to establish a clear scope of what we see to be mandatory features that must launch in an MVP, and then prioritise other features accordingly. I’ll make this post into a wiki which we can all edit.

Timeline: Meeting with Acquia team on Friday 23rd August at 1630hrs UK time to review scope

MVP must-have features

  • Content pages as current site
  • Blog (importing the current blog) with Discourse comment integration (& push to Discourse for new blogs if possible, but could be a phase 1)
  • Documentation (using current gitbook)
  • Download
  • Login/register link (via Auth0)
  • Link to forums
  • Link to social channels
  • Simple marketplace using Github repos (see staging site)
  • Full mobile responsiveness
  • Redirects in place for old resources

Phase 1 must-have features

  • User profiles synced with forums
  • Groups with ability to add members, events, resources etc & group-specific forum (e.g. for mauticamp or working group)
  • Forum integration (full embedding within the site with SSO) - there is a port of the Discourse integration to Drupal 8: - this doesn’t seem to enable the ‘push to Discourse’ feature we have in the Wordpress integration currently, or the comments integration.
  • Marketplace with internal review, ratings, comments

Phase 2 must-have features

  • Ability to create private groups (e.g. for community working group)
  • Multilingual capacity for content and structures (e.g. menus)

Nice to have features

  • Content approval workflow with access control and multilingual support

Notes / Resources

  • Open Social has been trialled by the community - this is a distribution of Drupal containing a set of modules which are considered helpful for communities. We can figure out which features we specifically need and cherry pick the modules to incorporate this into the brief above.
  • as a lot of work already done which is on the theme branch of - it would be good if we can use this work in the MVP/theme development?
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@ekke I’ve made a start on listing out what I think are important in an MVP - see what you think. I can share a login for Staging if you want to see the work we did there from the visual standpoint.

@rcheesley please do share!

The first post above is a wiki which you should be able to edit - let me know if you’re not able to!

any updates about new website?

I’ve just asked for an update this morning from the team at Acquia who are tasked with this project. Will report back when we have news (we’re at the point of getting agreement for funding/resources presently)

Update: Project is approved and we are moving forward with this, kick off meeting this week 6th December at 9am.

We will need a small group of representatives from the Community Marketing Team who are willing to act as stakeholders for this project. Will need to attend regular meetings, provide feedback, and work closely with the project team in a fast, agile fashion.

If you’re interested in this still, please let me know!

Pinging @ekke @luizeof @floris @Fractal as I believe you’ve previously expressed an interest in the web project!

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I will see if I can because it’s 1:00AM my time. By when do we need to give an answer by?

Urgh, sorry about that! Some of the folk working on this are in India, hence the time chosen to try to fit in with UK and India working hours!

If you’re interested in being part of the team but can’t make this call, we will be recording it, taking notes and working collaboratively so you can catch up and join in at a later date.

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Reminder to all, the kick-off call is happening tomorrow (Friday, 6th December) at 0900 London Time. Here’s the link to join the call:

Please take a look at the project brief and add your thoughts/contributions if you are able. I will record the call (on Zoom) and share afterward if you are not able to join.

Please add a comment below if you’re interested in being part of this team!

Here’s the meeting notes from the kick-off call - recording to follow.