Security / SMS sending

Hello guys, does anyone know if there is any way to protect the Mautic login with 2 factors…, and if there is any open source sms tool to integrate with Mautic?

Hi, not sms, but you could test if still works:

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Thanks for your attention, I tried to install this plugin and others by uploading them via ftp in the plugins directory and mautic doesn’t pull them, I unzipped them and granted permissions but mautic doesn’t recognize them, Mautic is installing the plugins that already come in it, I tried on different mautic installations and two things happen. Is it a problem with the latest version of mautic?

I have this running on Mautic 4.0.1.

Can you specify :
Mautic Version:
PHP Version:
Any log errors
What commands are you running
Do you have ssh access to terminal

I use the centos7 theme
aaPanel panel, vps contabo, Mautic V4.4.2, php 7.4 I have ssh access but the process I performed was via ftp unpacking the mautic plugin folder and granting the necessary permissions,
there is no error in the logs, it simply installs the plugins that come with mautic and installs them but the ones I try to add it doesn’t recognize

It has the same problem of not recognizing the added plugins, sometimes it appears saying that it has installed but the plugin does not appear in the mautic panel and it also has this suggestion suggestion message saying that the php timezone is not correct, but it is . does not generate logs.

For SMS maybe if it will be possible to have PlaySMS integration with Mautic.

I have just tested this on Mautic 4.4.2 and can confirm it is not compatible.
As you mentioned it does not throw any errors in the log, it does not break Mautic but after clearing the cache both manually and using cache:clear the plugin is still not viewable.

I also made sure to follow installation directions properly and moved the folder HostnetAuthBundle to plugins directory, chown -R www-data:www-data on it and still nothing.

So I guess it is not maintained, last commit was over two years ago.

Thanks for replying, it’s possible to test other plugins for Mautic and it doesn’t work, is it possible for this functionality to come back? there is another way to protect the Mautic login since it is not possible to install plugins for this purpose?

Hi friend, thanks for the suggestion, I will analyze this tool

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