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Segment contacts dynamically based on products/services

Reading the topic created here: Can Mautic Do This? I saw an interesting requirement:

I wonder, regardless if using API or not, how to accomplish this? If you have a dynamic list of services, what is the best way to setup Mautic to know which contacts belong to each service, and how to extract that information?

Do you want to create personas of your visitors to understand what services they are interested in?

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No, I want to segment contacts per service then purchased so I send them more specific information.

You can create custom fields which store information about the services they purchased.
But you need to get the right data into Mautic.

You can

  1. Import by csv
  2. Use zapier, integromat or n8n to connect with your selling platform / crm
  3. Use javascript on your thank you page and submit the data
  4. Use an api call when the services are purchased
  5. You can manually fill in the data

Create segment based on cistom field and start the campaign.

But is it possible to create a custom field that has multiple values, and even be dynamically modified? For example, I could have services A, B and C. How to configure a custom field so a customer is configured to have services ā€œAā€ and ā€œCā€? And if a new ā€œDā€ service is created later, it could be added?

Btw, thanks a lot for your time and help, @joeyk.

Yes sure.
In settings - custom fields you can create any field you want. Choose select - multiple kind and add the list of options there (write the same in both columns)
You can add more options by clicking on the yellow button.

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Thank you very much.