Can Mautic Do This?


New user here, fresh on Version 4.

I run a SaaS company and want to segment customers based on the services they use so I can fire off service interruption alerts and updates. Also to send targeted marketing in related services they are segmented in yet.

I’m guessing I’m going to have to create custom integration with my billing system for every new sign-up and service enablement to do an API call to Mautic to add the segment to the client record based on their email address as the identifier?

Any best practices and guidance in the proper direction on this would be appreciated.


John Wick

Hi John,

Absolutely. Empowering a SaaS business is a very typical use case - for (a) bringing new customers and (b) working with existing ones, both marketing and transactional / service oriented.

You will want to define your single source of truth when it comes to customer data (sounds like that’s the billing system) and interface to that, indeed.

Mautic comes with plugins for the important CRMs, but there are so many out there that creating your own adapter is fairly common.
The other option would be using a “bridge” like Zapier, Integromat or n8n, especially if your billing has an existing integration for one of those.


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Hi Ekke,

Awesome, I’m very excited.

Where is the official Mautic API documentation hiding?


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In plain sight :blush:

which brings you to

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The Mautic API documentation seems to be out of date, from the Mautic 2 era. It refers to a PHP API library that has to be installed, but the provided links - like this one - are dead.

This link works, but the documentation does not provide any details which files from Github should be installed where in your project - install via Composer is the only option?

Is the API documentation still valid for version 4? I have not been able to make the API work with the provided documentation.

I think from my reading that the API is now all built-in and activated in the Authentication settings area with version 4. Enable it, and you’ll have an API section for settings and auth data.

Thanks for that feedback. That’s what I assumed/hoped for half a day after upgrading to version 4, but all the documentation still talks about an /api/ folder that I don’t see anywhere and my attempts to connect with the API so far can’t find any scripts.

I guess you still have to install that PHP API library and that it can only be done using Composer, but the instructions how to do that are incomplete/ambiguous and I don’t want to mess up my server, where PHP etc. is managed by EasyApache; wouldn’t Composer conflict with that?

I am not the only one confused by this PHP API library issue.

I haven’t gotten that far yet in my API journey. I’ll let you know when I start developing with it.