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Segment user permissions


Out of all the user permissions area when creating non-admin permissions roles and selecting what you want to have others have access to when creating a user and assigning what roles. The only problem that hasn’t been updated, fixed or addresses is the SEGMENT section. It’s still assigned to be used only for ADMIN vs editing for view own, edit own, create, delete own. Everything else works, the problem is you can’t create an email from a user account without selecting a segment so this is messed up. lot’s of unhappy people that have accounts on my mautic have to contact me to create a segment from my end, than i have to select there email they made to attach it to, than have to deal with permission overrides it’s a total pain in the butt. when you simply can just add the same sections for permissions as you have done with almost everything else from forms, to campaigns, to contacts, and more.


I’m guessing nobody has multiple users with there Mautic system in place. Because since day one when it comes to user roles and permission that if your not an admin you can’t create segments that attach to your emails. An admin has to make one every time a non admin. Full permissions don’t work because then a non admin can see other accounts and delete any segments or edit them and that’s really bad.

Everything else under the account manager seems to work and have the proper sections to select, the segments area on the image above has no such thing.

Hi there vcdesigns,

I’m having the exact same problem here.

I found some info on GitHub in this link and the solution could be here

I just found it so i’ll test it soon. Hope it helps you too.