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Segments do not update with log error

Your software
My Mautic version is: Latest Today
My PHP version is: 7.2v

Your problem
My problem is: Segments do not update with log error

These errors are showing in the log: “[2019-08-31 21:24:45] mautic.WARNING: Error accessing : Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: Clear the cache. Deleted the folder “cache”

Hi @mauwiksdotcom and welcome to the forums! :tada:

Can you explain a bit about what you’re trying to do with your Mautic instance - has this been working in the past, or did it just start happening?

It seems like from the error message above, there is a timeout when accessing the RSS feed which is throwing an error in the logs. Is the link the actual page you’re trying to pull from or just an example domain?

If it’s the actual link, perhaps that is where the problem lies - for me, when I visit it doesn’t load and just times out.

I’m not entirely clear how this is connected to your segments not populating - have you checked that all your cron jobs are set up correctly and firing?

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Segments are now working which is odd, but I’m not sure about the log entry as that is the only error I am seeing on the log which I thought related to the said issue of my segments aren’t updating.

Ah, good to hear that they are now working! Maybe it took time for the cron job to fire? If it seems to be resolved, can you mark this post solved?

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Problem is the error log, do you mind if I ask any advice for this?

I have also created a segments in this way Account creation date greater than 18/06/2019
and email not Empty but the segment is not created in mautic.What is the issue? Please provide me a solution…

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The CRON jobs are running?

cron jobs issue …nothing else , Check cron jobs

How to check and exactly where to check pls guide?

what is your server where you installed mautic ?

It is our ngnix server where we are using mautic…

Hi @tech I’d suggest reading the documentation on cron jobs here:

You can run them at command line to view the results, or you can output the results to a file or send to an email address.

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