Send E-Mail too Tags

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.2.1

Your problem
My problem is: I would like to send an email directly too tags atm I can only find a solution for segments.
A workaround would be too create a campane and filter the contacts there but that would way more time.
Just select the tag and send an email would be nice.

Is there an workaround?
Or maybe this feature is already there and I only cannot find it.

Thank you

You can only send email to segments.
And yes, tag can be one of the filters you set for a segment.
It seems like an unneccessary step, but you’ll find it useful if your contacts are properly organized.

I am using tags as well too and so far I like how tags works too.

Example . I have a tag for event invitation (INV) and a tag for registered members (REG)

I create an event invitation segment to email out an invitation and include the tag INV so everyone who is tagged with it will get the email invitation but I exclude the tag REG so they do not receive the invitation email since I sent it out once a week to remind them to sign up when they haven’t yet.

I also create a second segment including only REG tag to send out email to only those who already registered to receive an update of the changes for the events.

And lastly, I create a third segment including both INV and REG to sent out email to everyone who have sign up but not registered yet and to everyone who already register if there been a change in the events that both need to know about like rain out date change etc.

Hope that make sense how I use tags. I even use a tag and include those in a segment for who subscribe and receive our monthly online magazine etc.