Send transactional emails to "Do Not Contact" contacts


When a contact unsubscribes from email, can we still send him transactional emails?
We’d like to use Mautic for transactional emails like Password reset which, of course, one should not be able to unsubscribe from.

Try by remove the unsubscribe link in your email template.

To save someone time I tested this and it doesn’t work. It would be great if we could send transactional emails to people who unsubscribed.

Hey @micheljung! Did you solve this issue? If yes, how did you do it?

I would solve it like this:

  1. create a segment called “do not contact marketing”. Exclude this segment from all other marketing segment. Maybe set filer for “do not contact marketing” tag
  2. create a segment called “unsubscribed” where you filter for everyone who sets do not contact via unsub link.
  3. create a campaign, which starts with the segment you just created in step 2.
  • remove do not contact
  • add to “do not contact marketing tag to these people”

When you send marketing, make sure you exclude “do not contact marketing”

Good luck to you!

Thanks for the input @joeyk. I’ll consider it!

@joeyk Funny - this was what came up when I googled this after our conversation.

I do think that this is an area of confusion for some people, especially anyone coming from Marketo where transactional emails do work this way.

I’ve just come across this issue as well, as we send all our emails via Mautic and I had assumed that transactional emails, like forgotten password, would never be included in the DNC. The suggestion put forward by @joeyk, while it would probably work, is open to human error with that last step of remembering to exclude a segment when you send the email.

I would suggest that the way “unsubscribe” in Mautic is implemented is actually incorrect. “Unsubscribe” and “Do Not Contact” have been conflated into one thing, as if they are the same, when they are not. Someone who doesn’t want to receive a particular newsletter or marketing communication from a company isn’t the same as someone saying “Do not contact me again”. Unsubscribe should remove someone either from one or all segments and mark them not to be added to them again and not marked as never to be contacted for any reason.

I’ve unsubscribed from marketing emails from plenty of places I still use and want to receive transactional emails from, like reset password or order confirmation emails, but me saying I don’t want marketing emails from them certainly isn’t me saying I don’t want any emails from them and to the best of my knowledge I don’t think any of them have taken it like that.

I would suggest DNC should be only something that an admin does explicitly on a contact in the Mautic interface or via the API and not something that is set by the unsubscribe process. It just looks like whoever implemented it just did the easiest thing for contacts to not receive emails anymore, which was to mark them as DNC, without giving it too much thought.