Sending mails takes very long in Version 5

Your software
My Mautic version is: 5.0.3
My PHP version is: 8.1.27
My Database type and version is:

Your problem
My problem is: queue of 700 messages takes 1 hour to send.

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

I’m using the following crontab script from Joey Keller:

          • /bin/bash /usr/local/bin/

if [ -z “$(ls -A /var/www/mautic/var/spool)” ]; then

    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:broadcasts:send --limit=50
    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:campaigns:rebuild --batch-limit=300
    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:segment:update --batch-limit=900
    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:campaigns:trigger
    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:import --limit=500
    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:webhooks:process
    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:reports:scheduler
    php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:maintenance:cleanup --days-old=365

php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:broadcasts:send --limit=200
php $MAUTICCONSOLE mautic:emails:send --message-limit=200

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