Sending opt-in mail from an standalone-form or via campaign process?

I currently set up a double-opt-in workflow. Therefore i build a form and a landing page where i use the form. In the campaign i create a workflow which puts the form submitted contacts into a segment (“pending contacts”) and also send an email with an activation link to the user.

This works so far. But i also have seen such opt-in workflows using standalone-forms and pages sending the users email directly from the forms action and start the campaign workflow when the user clicks the activation link in the email.

Now i wonder where the pro and cons of those different approaches are?
My goal was to send the activation-link mail as fast as possible, so i do not want to queue them or be processed by the cronjobs. This is a issue right now because i build it in the first named way.

Any ideas, suggestions here?

If you have setup mail queuing it will have to wait till crons are fired off.

In terms of the campaign, you would setup a campaign and the start it from form submitted:

Then have a send email action on the form submission, this will send the email out to the user with a verification link, after this put in a decision if page visit and on the positive path you can send the welcome mailer. On the negative path you can put a send email reminder and have a wait of 1 day for example

I’ve currently done it exactly this way. It has the drawback that emails are sent after the cronjob has processed them, which may take some time. Currently i’d like to have them send immediately, so the user hasn’t wait for too long and may loose interest…

But it is a good idea with that reminder-thing. I will try to implement that also. Maybe wait for 1 day and remind and after 3 reminds drop the contact.