Timing issues for "Opt-in campaign" optimization

My goal is to have a speedy optin mail for subscribers. This is my approach:

  1. Send “opt-in mail” with link to landingpage as form action of a standalone form.
  2. Put contact into segment as form action.
  3. Start campaign based on segment membership.
  4. Check if contact visits landingpage.
  5. Place him into “opted in” segment.

This however seems to be problematic: If the user received the mail (step 1) and clicked the optin link BEFORE he was placed into the campaign (step 3), the campaign will wait forever and not look if the contact already visited the confirmation page (step 4).

Looks like my approach is wrong? What can I do in order to have an immediate “opt in” mail, right after the form was submitted but securely recording the optin?

(I know I could send the optin mail as first action in the campaign, but this will delay this mail until the next cronjob runs.)

Hi Dirk

I think your problem was just answered in the latest Mauticast episode. Here is the link to the German explanation:

Hope this helps

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This is how I have solved this with my mautic system! This is a paid plugin add-on, but solves the email confirmation and timing issue!

In the word of the plugin author “don’t rely on the user to confirm”

So I use this solution here…

  1. an option to double optin is something like clearout.io which validates email addresses through an API, we wrote a plugin for that. (and the companion phone validator as well). You can validate, anything that comes back good you would not need to double opt-in, but the unknowns, or catchalls you could send a second email via a campaign, since those are unlikely to respond anyway, timing would not be as critical. https://gautit.com/product/clearout-mautic-plugin/

Hope it helps!

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Adrian - very nice approach :wink:


I know this is a bit old, but I was trying to solve the same issue and I was comparing several approaches. The solution quoted by @adiux is really neat. However, I have two questions :

  1. apparently changing tags using the tracking pixel is a “secondary, not preferred” method. so how future-proof is this solution?
  2. if the landing page is actually generated by Mautic, is there an easier way to do this ? I found no specific process to create / change a tag for a contact when they visit an internal (i.e. Mautic) page.

Thanks a lot,