Confirmation email send immediately, cron delayed

My Mautic version is: v4.1.2

Ah the joys of confirming emails and DOI! My problem seems pretty simple and if there’s a best-practice alternative way of doing this, I’m open to it.

Our entry and first-time forms are normally set up to send confirmation email on form Action. This is because adding contact to Segment, then into a Campaign to send the confirmation adds an undesirable waiting period for that email to hit their inbox.

But the form action doesn’t offer the “marketing email” option that would ensure that email won’t ever be sent again. So a contact could receive the confirmation email again even though they’d already confirmed. (And choosing a segment/list email isn’t an option in the context of form action email sending.)

How can we send that confirmation email quickly (immediately) and only once ever to any contact?

Note: We also have n8n at our disposal.


Couple of questions:

  1. How often you run your cron. It can be done every minute with the proper scripts.
  2. Why don’t you want to send the conf email multiple times if someone is requesting it.


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Hey Joey, thanks for the reply!

  1. Cron for campaigns are running every 60 seconds. But even 45 seconds is a long time to ask a first-time visitor to wait for an email. Or is this a bad assumption?

  2. Conf email I want sent out to any newly identified contact’s email, the first time they have opted in to any ongoing emailing (subscribe to newsletter, other other service-based communication). If they subscribe to a first newsletter, they should confirm their email with a DOI email sent to them with a link to click. Click link, confirm email. Now if they later sign up for a different newsletter, I would not want them to have to confirm again - they are already confirmed.

Maybe look at this plugin:

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Wow thnks for sharing! This looks like it could work, or at least simplify the process. I will check this out and see if it prevents double-sending the DOI emails.

Thanks @joeyk