Mailinglist double opt-in Setup, help needed to perfect it

Hi Guys,

I am hoping to get some direction here. I came across a topic where a simple logic was applied to get a subscriber to confirm their email then they are put in an active user segment. My Setup looks like following:

0) Do Not Contact

  1. Pending
  2. Active


  1. First Name
  2. Email
  3. Honeypot
    a) Send welcome email
    b) Remove from Do Not Contact segment
    c) Put in Pending Segment

Landing Page:
Welcome and please join

  1. Form above is in action
  2. Upon submission redirect to an identical HTML page (1) (Mautic code embedded) “Thank you and please confirm email”

Email Received:

  1. Customer clicks on Welcome email" where the confirm email takes Customer to an identical HTML page (2) (Mautic code embedded) “Thank you and Congratulation”

Convert Pending to Active

  1. Check Contact Page Hit
  2. Add to Active Segment
  3. Remove from Pending Segment

My campaign cronjob runs fine without any change though.

I have performed several testing unfortunately Mautic has tagged my PC and all test shows I have gone though this many time. Can someone tell me if I am doing this right or a better way to achieve confirmation from customers.

Hi Tom,
two things:

  1. For testing, you should (a) not use the same browser that you are using for the Mautic backend. (b) I suggest you simply delete the existing contact(s) that represents your browser or email each time you want a real fresh start.#

  2. The DOI process you describe will work fine in most cases. However, if users quicks on the email quickly, they will get to the Landing Page before Mautic starts watching it, thus their confirmation will never be noticed.
    If you want to make sure, you need a more complex approach (


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Thanks Ekke.

My Campaign seems to have registered the tag then processed the segment. What was a good tip and tutorial. BTW I will be listening to your podcast shortly.