Server Requirements Mautic 4

Hello, would a server with 4 cores and 16 GB of RAM be enough for Mautic 4.3 and 250k clients?
I assume that segments and campaigns play a role, say 100 segments and 30 campaigns.
In your opinion, is this sizing sufficient?

I think that’s cutting it pretty close. You might be able to get by but it’s going to depend on other things as well like how often are those segments getting updated, the campaign demands, how often are you sending emails, etc…

We’re running 32 GB RAM with 8 cores on AWS for about 200k contacts and everything is OK but the performance is still not exactly impressive. I’m relatively new to Mautic but I’ve been tweaking it for a couple of months now to get things to run smoothly. I’m already thinking about moving the database off to a different service.

Hi, if you have 100 LIVE segments for 250.000 contacts, then you will need to optimize your segment building. You can’t recalculate all your segments every minute. Here is a video what I mean by that.

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