Session expired - please login

Later edit
it seems that the “remember me” checkbox works properly since 4.4.1:

Later later edit
the cookie does not work properly with Froala Editor. The File browser to insert an image (elfinder) comes with an error (401 unauthorized). See more here: Checkbox "remember me" (cookie): Elfinder: 401 unauthorized error

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I hoped the issue is solved in the new version of Mautic (4.4.8) - but no, the bug is still present. Does anyone know an “out of the box” solution, that comes with Mautic, without being necessary to add some JS-code in the app.js or change the php.ini or …?

This subject was discussed also here:

The solution I use:
I add this line of code to keep me logged in:
jQuery(function () {setInterval(function(){jQuery.ajax({method: 'GET',url: ''});}, 9 * 1000 * 60);/*every 9 minutes*/});
at the end of media/js/app.js. But as soon as the browser restarts, I need to login again.