Mautic logs me out every X minutes. I want to be logged in for 1 month at least!

When using mautic, I login into the dashboard and I then I do other things. I come back and it has logged out.

I want it to be like google or facebook: Keep me logged in “forever” until I close the session.

How can I achieve this?

Check your PHP configuration file and change the max_timeout

This shouldn’t happen in M4, what version are you using?

v4.4.0 it says in the footer.

Well you need to bump it a little bit:

Ahhh good to know! Thanks! Will try!

Should the env variable rememberme_lifetime within \m\app\config\local.php be changed?

Actually there is attributed with this value:
'rememberme_lifetime' => 31536000,

=> should I change it to 0 for unlimited lifetime?

I actually add this line of code to keep me logged in:
jQuery(function () {setInterval(function(){jQuery.ajax({method: 'GET',url: ''});}, 9 * 1000 * 60);/*every 9 minutes*/});
at the end of m/app/assets/js/app.js. But as soon as the browser restarts, I need to login again.