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Set reminders linked to contacts and companies, display them in calendar

The calendar is underutilised. It would be very useful to be able to set reminders linked to contacts and companies. These would appear in the calendar and also send emails to user on date/time.

This would be a very useful CRM feature, without much overhead complexity (I would imagine).

I’m not talking about simply adding a note for a contact (which also takes a date input). Here is what I imagine:

An + Add reminder button could be provided:

  • On the contact details page (i.e. Edit, Send email, Add reminder, Close) On the calendar page
  • Reminders need a contact picker, note field and a date/time picker.

Reminder items will display on the calendar – which can be clicked to view details in a modal. Could provide edit/delete buttons within the modal.

Reminders are sent via email to contact owner.

Could reminder email delivery be bundled into the Email Queue cron job?

I also would love a feature like this. In our current marketing, we do the following:

  • a person submits the contact form
  • we insta reply with some pre-formatted email relevant to the client
  • 1-2 days later we manually repy to the costumer
  • 2 days after we send the manual email, we send another email as a followup
  • 7 days after the submission, we manually call the client

Currently, we are tracking all of those days by hand. It would be lovely to set Mautic to remind us thosa dates automatically, instead of us writing it down.