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What is the problem can you email me at

What is the problem can you email me at

I’m not sure I set my cron jobs correctly. I am wondering if it shouldn’t be
/home4/user42/public_html/ mautic:segments:update

/usr/local/bin/php /home4/user42/public_html/ mautic:segments:update

My cron jobs (I am guessing at how to do this based on some mautic youtube videos and am not versed in syntax, any suggestions appreciated) are:

php mautic:segments:update
php mautic:campaigns:rebuild
php mautic:campaigns:trigger
php mautic:messages:send
php mautic:campaigns:update --env=prod mautic:segments:update --env=prod
php mautic:campaigns:trigger --env=prod
php mautic:iplookup:download

Thanks for taking a look - much appreciated. I did get the other problem sorted out by deleting mautic and going with version 2.5.1.