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Shopify app

Hey everyone.
I saw only one Shopify App so far on the market for synchronizing stores with Mautic. I’m thinking on developing one and I’m curious if someone is using this setup and would be interested to be a beta tester?

I’m working on core features and I’m open to any additional ideas as well.

I am interested. The current app works really well for us besides the following issue:
Anonymous users are browsing the site and building up their profile in Mautic. We can pretty much build personas based on their activity. Once they purchase something we supposed to be able to identify the person by adding an email address once the purchase is completed.

What really happens is that we cannot fire a tracking pixel after purchase with the email address embedded, so the contact is not connected with the previous anonymous contact. Moreover the shopify api pushes the email and purchasing info into Mautic which creates a new contact.

The connection between the old and new contact are lost.

Hey Joey,
I think that is the limitation of the Shopify itself as they don’t provide way of customising checkout unless the merchant is on Plus plan. However, I think that in the upcoming period they will change it to allow customisation for all plans. But there might be a way to do it I need to do a bit of a research. Would you like to connect via email or a call to discuss more details?


We are using custom checkout. And we manage to fire the tracking AFTER the purchase.
In an ideal world the email parametered mautic gif placed on the thank you page should fire first and the API call should be second. This way the anonym user would be turned into known user and couple of seconds later the purchase history would be populated.

But what happens is, that sales happens, api call made, new contact created by api and all previous tracking is unassociated with the contact.

We managed 2 workarounds, but none of them are pretty:

  1. Fire the API call 5 min later.
    We created a custom integration with a no-code API tool, where we simply wait 5 minutes before the tracking gif would populate the email.
    Does work, but it’s a workaround.

  2. Merge contacts with the same IP address in a 5 min range from the purchase event.
    A script was made, that merges contacts who have the same IP 5 minutes before and after the checkout. It works, but I don’t like to run hacks like this.

PMd you.