Hello Mauticiens,

I would like to know if someone managed to integrate Shopify to Mautic?

Thank you very much for your help,

Hi Steph:

Did you get any response on this or figure out how to do it? I guess one workaround to get Customers from Shopify into Mautic is to go from Shopify to MailChimp to Mautic.

Bob H.

Hi Mauticians,
this thread is pretty old, but I wanted to drop here, that we’re currently working on a mvp for connecting Mautic with Shopify.

If there are some special wishes for features. I’d love to hear them.

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hi @alexhammer how is your MVP for Shopify going? We’ve got potential to target a range of retail customers, a lot who use Shopify, and i think a Shopify integration will be a critical pice of the puzzle for them to chose Mautic over Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Omnisend etc.

Is there anything we can do to help you complete the plugin?

Special wishes… at this point Abandoned Cart is the primary wish… I’ll think about some others and let you know.

Hi @billybowyer,
we’re on it. But our solution will be directly built in the shopify market-place.
So people are buying the complete hosting solution and get access to their mautic directly via their shopify dashboard.
The next step is to create a plugin.
At the moment we’re handling all the communication between shopify and Mautic with our own app.

Abandoned Cart is of course built in, and many more things like prebuilt campaigns and more…

I’ll let you know asap when it is done.

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Ok Great @alexhammer, i look forward to the update… you mentioned special wishes for features… would you happen to be working on a ‘Replenished Stock notification’? where a shoper can sign up for a notification when a product is out of stock… they are notified that the stock is now available? Not sure how well that would work with mautic… was thinking the person would be tagged with the product name, and then use dynamic content to show the products that are now available… I am talking to a potential client who uses Klaviyo with Shopify to achieve this… there’s a bit of manual work involved, so its not fully automated… its more about creating segments and dynamic content to target the right audience when stock is available and to show only the products that they expressed interest in. NOTE it should not be a single email per product but rather a single email with multiple products - only showing the products they subscribed (got tagged) for.

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Hi @billybowyer,
that’s a great idea. We’ll definitely take this into thought.
It’s not going to be in the mvp. But it is a great feature for later.
Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hi @alexhammer

I’m interested in this integration, What’s the status and can I do anything to help?

Hi @alexhammer :slight_smile: what’s the latest on your progress… so keen to check this out.

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We’re working hard on that one… :slight_smile:
Alpha Testing already started. Beta is coming soon. I’ll let you all know when we go into Betaphase.
Then everybody who makes business on Shopify is welcome to test it :slight_smile:

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I just finished devloping a Shopify to Mautic integration which you can read more about it here

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