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Shopware 6 Integration

Anybody already working on integrating Mautic with Shopware 6? Or any thoughts about it? We’re currently pondering it…


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Hello Ekke, we also have enquiries for Shopware 5-6.

I was looking at the webhooks, but the question is for me:
What automation do you want to achieve?

  • Abandoned Cart?
  • Pushing products data as tags other fields?
  • Product based filtering?
  • RFM segmentation?


Correct, that sort of specs is part of what we want to do in January. Basically, we want to have a great generic integration beyond the specific use case :slight_smile:

Hi there, I am also working with Shopware 6 and Mautic and would like to integrate Shopware in Mautic. Haven’t really found a way to do it yet, so I wanted to ask here if it is already possible at the moment?

Looking forward to your answer and best regards

Hi rebsweb, not yet but we are about to start. Feel free to tell me about your use case (her or in Slack) so we can make sure to cover it :slight_smile:

What about that? Any advance?