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Show modal to every visitor exept members of segment

I’m trying to show a focus item with a signup form to every visitor except if they are know members of the segment ‘Subscribed’

As far as I understand this, this can be done with Dynamic Web Content (DWC).
DWC can be campaign based or not campaign based.

If I choose campaign based then I have to choose a segment. This works fine, I have a segment ‘Everyone except Subscribed’ . But… first time visitors are not in a segment, so the modal doesn’t show up.

If i choose to not use a campaign, then I can create a filter. But this filter is based on contact fields, and again, how do I address first time visitors?

Can anyone tell me how to solve this?

You can accomplish that using a Campaign with a Segment (as source feed).
Also, remember the cronjob runtime if you have the campaign trigger to Run for sample 5 minutes when a need user visit the website if the cron jobs have been fired you have to wait for the next cron job to be fired to trigger the campaign.

The thing you need to test is that if your DWC are been triggered.