Soft bounce goes to lead_donotcontact

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My Mautic version is: 3.1.0
My PHP version is: PHP Version 7.3.11

Your problem
My problem is:
There is a problem with handling soft bounces.
If I send an email to a full mailbox, I see that in the email_stats table the open_details field is correctly valued with the soft bounce
a: 1: {s: 7: “bounces”; a: 1: {i: 0; a: 4: {s: 8: “datetime”; s: 19: "2020-09-11 16:27:20 “; s: 6:” reason “; s: 4:” full “; s: 4:” code “; s: 4:” 0132 “; s: 4:” type “; s: 4:” soft "; }}}
But the user is also added to the lead_donotcontact table differently from what is indicated in the documentation that after 5 attempts the contact is marked as blocked.
Furthermore, the sending statistics are not updated with the bounced emails but only report the emails as sent.Screenshot_2020-09-11 View tes 9 Linkness


I have the exact same problem. None of the documented, more nuanced bounce behavior is happening; any type of bounce gets a lead_donotcontact.reason of “2”, even though the lead_donotcontact.comments field is accurately showing the type of bounce.

Since “Do Not Contact” info cannot be accessed via a campaign, I’m going to have to write a MySQL query that periodically looks for spam-reject and over quota comments, and removes them from the lead_donotcontact table.

I’m using email based bounce handling, because my sending service is SMTP2GO and there’s no integration for that. I love them because they are so very responsive to my questions and feature requests. I might have to write my own API wrapper to handle bounces more solidly.

Mautic v3.3.1
PHP 7.4

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