SOLVED: Unable to select "Database Driver" during installation

Trying to install Mautic 3.2.1 downloaded from the zip file via
Using a local docker based AMP stack -

  • Mautic 3.2.1
  • MySQL - 5.7.32-1debian10
  • PHP_VERSION 7.2.34
  • Server version: Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)

On the installation first step where I enter the db details, there is a drop-down with no options for “Database Driver” .

I presume this would show options like MySQL, SQLite etc. Although, I don’t see the options in the dropdown, and I am unable to proceed forward due to a form validation error that no value is selected.

The earlier step (of requirements check) confirmed all requirements passed, with suggestions to add zip lib exension to php, nothing related to db/mysql

Any thoughts on what I am missing here?

This seems to be rendered from app/bundles/InstallBundle/Views/Install/doctrine.html.php

<?php echo $view['form']->row($form['driver']); ?>
<?php $driver = $form['driver']->vars['data']; ?>

Dump of these vars looks as below

<? dump($view['form']->row($form['driver'])); ?>
<? dump($form['driver']->vars['data']); ?>

Argh,. the php is missing mysql pdo driver. Sorted.