Changing Db driver type to 'pdo_mysql’ leads to the Mautic jumping to installer page instead of dashboard?

Hi everyone,

My Mautic version is 2.14.x
PHP version is 7.2.34
MYSQL version is 5.7.37-cll-lve

We encountered weird bug.

When Mautic has 500 internal error then we change config setting to change db driver type to “pdo_mysql”, Mautic dashboard now inaccessible and instead jumps to Mautic installer - Environment Check page.

Has anyone encountered this occurence before and how do we rectify it so we can get into the dashboard section?

Thanks in advance.


is it at all possible you renamed/moved the app/config/local.php, changed file permissions or changed something else?

Can you just change it back to what it was before, clear the cache and see if that solves the issue?

If above does not work, I would try the following (use cli not gui, because that usually creates more problems that it solves):

  • backup your database and source
  • install the mautic again (fresh instance - the same version as you have now)
  • make sure the instance is accessible
  • then drop the fresh database and import the backup you created in the first step
  • clear the cache
  • activate plugins
  • see if it works :slight_smile:

thanks @mzagmajster , the issue was resolved miraculously when I proceed to click next button then it only went to dashboard.

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