Some Issues with 4.3.1

We just installed 4.3.1 and were so excited to see some of the changes.

We have encountered the following:

  1. You cannot create a landing page and email builder in code mode. The builder item is greyed out.
  2. There is no dynmic content widget in landing page.
  3. Having some funny issues with the builder that if you open once or twice it stops saving. click the save button and nothing happens.
  4. No dynamic content in miml templates.

Those are my findings so far… I have not gone through the entire release note just yet

Hi there,

Just to rule out the obvious, have you:

  1. Cleared the Mautic cache
  2. Regenerated production assets
  3. Cleared your browser cache
  4. Checked incognito
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Yip :(. Maybe my installation ain’t great…