Special character problem (&öäü) - maybe utf8 problem?

Mautic 5.0.4
PHP 8.1.27
Mariadb 10.6

I have a problem with special characters - maybe utf8 problem?

Umlaute werden falsch angezeigt

I saw at the installation of php 8.1 some warning message about utf8 - some was chaning in php8,1 from php8.0

My question: What can i check or what can i do, that special characters are displayed right?

Btw: In contacts i have normal öäü
So in my understanding the database works - only some menu buttons have a problem. Not all, as you here see
Ändern wird richtig angezeigt

And on the same server Moodle is running - all special characters here are displayed right. So, the error must be inside of Mautic

Hi @stefan-franz, could you please report that bug on the Mautic GitHub repository?

I did that a few days ago - but @dirk_s had that very fast closed.
Not interested to check that professional.

It doesn`t qualify for a bug. That particular one could not be recreated and and is not reproduceable.

Thats why it was referred back to the forum to find other people with that issue and to find the details to create a proper issue. If that’t done, we can reopen the issue.