Starting new - Mautic 5 or Mautic 4

Hi there,
i found Mautic a few days ago and i want to replace my Email-Service (Mailerlite) with Mautic.
Now we are in a translation from mautic 4 to mautic 5 and i ask myself?
Should i sstart with Mautic 4, or with Mautic 5?
Should i wait till Mautic 5 is released?
And how can install mautic 5 on my Webspace? I can’t find a zip File :smiley:
Can someone help me on that?

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No zip, only composer from M5.
No webspace, only VPS.

Steeper learning curve, bigger reward.


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Does rhat mean that for M5 i cant use Webspace anymore and i need a VPS?

Well, kinda.
If you have root access on your ‘Webspace’, and know composer, then you can have a Webspace for M5.

I installed composer and cant find how to update to Mautic 5

also need npm

That’s interesting. I just installed v5.0.0-rc2 from zip file yesterday and in general everything has worked fine.

Is that going away with the official release? And if so, does that mean I’m going to have to re-install again, this time using composer?