You have the power to get Mautic 5 launched soon🚀

Have you been asking…:thinking: “When will Mautic 5 be released?”

It’s a burning question we all have, and here’s the thrill - the ball lies in your court!

Our collective contributions can speed up this highly anticipated launch!

Whether you’re a Mautic user, tech enthusiast, or a seasoned developer, you can drive the launch forward by dedicating just an hour or two of your week!

Here’s what we need to do before we can get the Beta release out:

  1. Requiring expertise in javascript, we’re stuck in transitioning to CKEditor 5 due to several bugs on the GrapesJS builder. Can you be our hero :superhero: and vanquish these bugs :bug: ?

  2. We need to better align our practices with industry standards regarding composer-based installations and our primary architecture. While we’re in progress with this which will alleviate much of the pain felt with composer installations, your testing effort once it is completed could get us there sooner!

  3. It’s time all Mautic users lend a hand in QA! Your task is simple - :mag_right: :female_detective: navigate through the application and find anything that isn’t on point. All of this can be done in the browser, you don’t even need to install Mautic. Check out our guide at and the illustrative video here.

Here’s what we need to do before we can get the Release Candidate out:

  1. We have 15 open issues where bugs have been found with Mautic 5 alpha, which need to be addressed by a developer before we release.

When we complete the QA process, it’s likely we will have more to add to this list. Once these have been addressed, we then need Mautic users to test the fix and make sure that it actually works.

Anybody can help with this if you know how to use Mautic, you don’t even need to know how to install as we provide you with an instance in the web browser ready for you to play around with. Check out the docs at for more information, And there’s a video here.

Here’s where you can find things that we would like you to work on testing:

And here’s what we need to do before we make the final General Availability release:

  1. Resolve any bugs that we have found in testing from the beta and the release candidate
  2. Prepare a marketing campaign to launch the release
  3. Review and update the documentation, launching the much updated and improved new end user and developer documentation :partying_face:

All three of these need help from the community - whether you want to help with design, marketing campaigns, writing copy, updating the website, writing social media copy, PR and outreach, finishing up the documentation - there are lots of ways for you to help us get ready for the launch.

What about the new feature I’m working on, will it be in the final release?

The focus is on getting a Mautic release out, so once the beta is released, all new features will be added to the 5.1 version or later.

This way, we can ensure that the tests we are doing in beta and release candidate phase are performed on the same functionality

And no worries, there are already A LOT of new features present in Mautic 5!

This isn’t just a call to action; it’s a shout for unity, a chance to be part of something huge. Brace up, put on your creative hats, and let’s propel Mautic 5 towards a great release together! :rocket:


Good morning!

And now is there any new about Mautic 5?
Final Mautic 5 is it available?

It’s now live. We found a bug with upgrades which causes an issue with forms, so might be best to hold fire for the 5.0.1 release (tomorrow probably).

Ok! Many thanks!

Finaly i tried upgrading to Mautic 5 at the command line yesterday.

At final step :“php bin/console mautic:update:apply --finish” it got error in data base.
It’s embarassing because if i don’t find the reason, i will start with fresh install.

Please hold fire for a hotfix release coming out today.

See Upgrade from v4.4.10 to 5 renders forms not accessable + schema issues - #7 by rcheesley for more details and a workaround in the meantime!

If it’s a different issue to this, please make a new post in this category.