About the Mautic 5 Install/Upgrade Support category

This category is for getting help with Mautic 5 installations and upgrades.

:rotating_light:IMPORTANT NOTE::rotating_light:

Mautic 5 is currently in alpha release. this means you should only be using in a development environment to help with testing. There is no upgrade path from Mautic 4 at this time and there will be no upgrade path from the alpha version.

We will not assist you if you are trying to use this version in a production environment and you are having problems. Don’t do it!

The Product Team will use this category to let you know status updates and important information relating to the testing process.

Here is the milestone for the Beta release: 5.0-beta Milestone · GitHub

Here is the milestone for the Release Candidate release: 5.0-Release Candidate Milestone · GitHub

Here is the milestone for the General Availability release: 5.0-General Availability Milestone · GitHub

Here is the link which explains how you can help with testing: https://mau.tc/tester all of which can be done in the browser by anyone who is able to use Mautic. Here is a video which explains how to help with testing:

On Fridays the community comes together to work on moving this forwards, please join us in #t-product on Slack if you need any help with anything relating to testing.