Should I install Mautic 5 already or how easy will the upgrade be?


for a small project, I’m looking for sth like Mautic.
The release page seems to be rather outdated and I can’t download the 5 package from the download page.

Most tickts seem to be merged / closed tough.

Will the minor upgrade from the current 5 alpha to beta to final release work easily?

Is there a difference in the download version from vs. the composer install version?

Any news on the 5 release? Alpha in Feb and now it’s end of June … Update on Mautic 5

Hi there! You should go with 4 at this time.There isn’t going to be an upgrade path to 5.0 alpha, that will come in later releases. You can’t access it as it’s not yet released, the current codebase is on the 5.x branch in case you want to help with testing and review.

We’re working on the last few things that need to be in the alpha, but it won’t be available in a production ready version for at least a month or two after the alpha.

If you want to use things like the marketplace and to be more future proof, composer installation is recommended.

thank you for your reply - that makes sense.

If I choose the composer + testing route, will I be able to upgrade from alpha to beta to production on the very same instance (using composer)?
I assume, there’d be mostly file changes and no DB changes anymore from alpha to the 5 release?

PS: I heard you on Talking Drupal 343 - very good Mautic intro into the Drupal community. :slight_smile: