Stuck emails in "Pending"

When sending out an email I have the same 340 emails which are marked as pending the rest of the mailing goes out. There is nothing perceivably wrong with these emails the just get stuck. Where do I look and how do I handle this?

I have PHP version 7.4.3. and Mautic version 4.1.2

Try checking the logs under system info for errors then check server log for errors.

Hi, are you sending immediate mode or queue?
(Visible under config / email settings)

Hi, I send it immediately.

Okay, so when you click on ‘send’, your server will start to send out those emails and you’ll see a status bar. As I understand it stops after sending 300+ emails.
This usually happens if you don’t have enough resources. Typically you have not enough memory, your memory config is wrong. What kind of server is this? (Memory/CPU) Is it shared?

Not quite, I send to a mailing list of 6300 and the last ±300 do not send. I am on a stand-alone MacOS, there is a line to the server but not for data storage. On the HD I have 242 GB available of a TB.

so we are talking about a Mautic that is running locally on your Mac and connected to a server DB?

Yes, that is correct.

Can we see the crons? Have you check is your crons are set properly? like message broacast sent , etc

Hey, can you plz check this?