Surging Your Dashboard with Metabase - Full Metabase Installation tutorial

Remember the post we did on creating a super cool dashboard using Metabase. Surge Mautic Dashboard into something Amazing!

Following one of the Mautic Meetups in Lagos hosted by @tobsowo we gave a presentation on how to install the open source software Metabase and then how to use this inside Mautic to provide an amazing dashboard.

We have written up a bulletproof tutorial on installing Metabase and then connecting it to Mautic. There is a full video as well.

So for those that are interested you can check out the post on our site here.


Hi - can you share the password for the page? Looks super cool!

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Hey @gary.harrison ,

Thanks for reaching out. Sent to your email. Looking forward to your experience

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How can I access your demo? :smiley:

hey Dave, go here and request a password - will be sent automagically to you.

I got it - thank you so much Mike!