Tagging contact not working after upgrade M4.02

I use a wordpress page to create user tags.
After contact open a link at their email…
and open a wp page, that include
[mautic type=“tags” values=“this_tag”]

I tested on mautic 3.3.4, its working well…

but after upgrade to mautic 4.0.2,
when contact open that page, the contact not tagging

what wrong with that…?

I check log file, but nothing error info about tagging

Hi, could you plz check if the regular JS method is working, so we can exclude the issue with Mautic and focus on the WP Mautic plugin?

Can you plz add the tag based on this?

Thank @joeyk for your response

I try with this img scr code

<img src="https://mymauticdomain.com/mtracking.gif?tags=my_own_tag" style="display: none;" alt="ok" />

and working well…

but, sorry, I not understand how to use tag with JS script…

And thanks… at least I can tag my contact with this img code…

Hi @joeyk

I think I know what is problem with my wordpress instalation…

It Litespeed Cache plugin…

When I deactivated this plugin, mautic plugin run tagging well…
but, if activated… mautic plugin not working well…

When my mautic 334,
Litespeed cache is active, but mautic plugin is working…

Any suggest for cache plugin ?


Correct. That can be the reason!

We use WP rocket.
There you can exclude certain files and also this settings makes Mautic tracking happy:


Yes… thanks @joeyk

On litespeed cache, they use text field for exclude JS

if can… what text can I type on that for fix this problem?

not sure. maybe
mtc.js ?

Thank @joeyk