Tagging Mautic users from Mailwizz emails

Hey guys,

I’m in the process of planning a migration and I’m curious about what the process of transferring tags to mautic from other ESPs is like.

So, if I mail my users from MailWizz and SES servers, and they click a link… and I want to apply a “Clicked a Link” tag in mautic, is this something that is possible, and how can it be achieved in the most easily adaptable way… meaning, each time I send an email, maybe I want to include different tags.

Thank you for your time and help!

How about this?
I developed it especially for MW → Mautic transfer

Ok, pretty cool! So, basically, as long as every link in MailWizz is set up to pass the contact’s details via a URL parameter generated by a tracking pixel in the mailwizz email itself, then mautic will be able to receive the data and apply the tag in the CRM.

Is there any way that this can fail? Users will certainly always have email address at least in mailwizz, so as long as they’re not blocking pixels from loading somehow, we should at least be guaranteed to apply the tag to the email address in mautic… but how could you block the loading of an image pixel? Would that happen somehow if the user blocked ALL images in the email?

What is the actual userflow like when you’re editing your email and determining the tag that you want to apply when the user clicks the link? Is this done on the page side, or the email side? I’m guessing that maybe the page is always listening for a contact email in the url parameter, and when the user has landed on that page… do we now apply tag in mautic based on the page load? I guess I’m just trying to figure out the actual workflow… I’m sure it’s not going to be quite as handy as a pulldown menu of mautic tags pulled in by API somewhere… lol. (that said, maybe I can help you build that functionality)


We send tags from MW to Mautic… what about the other way around???

You’re the man, Joey!

Oh wait… this is actually pulling OPENS into Mautic? That’s wild.

I would be happy with just being able to track mailwizz link clicks ->. Mautic and mautic clicks → mailwizz as tags!