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The Mautic´s Forms disappear of WordPress

From a day to morning the Mautic forms disappeared from WordPress.

Does anyone have or had the same problem? After several days doing thousands of tests I have managed to solve the problem but I have not identified it.

After a lot of talking with the hosting provider, they tried to make me think that the problem was in Mautic or Wordpress. They recognized that on his server they have installed software that generates the issue (CacheWall). The question is that I have other installations in the same provider with Cachewall activated and I have no problem.

Someone have Cachewall on your server and Mautic work for you?

I hope we can find the definitive solution.

Thank you

What mautic version you are talking about?

Have you seen any error in log ?

Hi Bizcrony

No, I have not received any errors in the log (neither in Mautic nor in Apache). The version is 2.10.1.

Currently the problem has mysteriously been solved, but I noticed that the file script was completely in white

I say that it was mysteriously resolved because in the hosting provider they replied that the problem was Cachewall (after trying to spend a budget to study the case) but if I activate it now, the forms do not disappear. I was a couple of days without foms because of this problem. In addition, it must be something Incompatible on server because when i tried to do backup it still did not recover the operation.

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

You should have clear the cache and try… anyway … sounds good.