The number of emails sent with Mautic is different from what is reported by Amazon SES

Mautic Version: v4.4.9
PHP Version 8.0.30
Installed Oct 15, 2023
Tech Stack:
Email SMTP: Microsoft Outlook through Go-daddy
DNS records @ Siteground
Hetzner VPN
Run cloud - C-Panel server admin


We have noticed that when comparing the amount of emails sent from Mautic through the campaigns is not at all similar to the amount of emails that Amazon SES in their sending reports shows us, we do not have high bounce rate so we do not know why the numbers are so different, we have only 30% of sends reported by SES, we are very concerned because we have everything parameterized in both Mautic and SES so that they are not so different, can anyone give us some idea of the number of emails sent from Mautic to SES?
Our sending method is by queue.

have you checked your SES suppression list?

yes, we have just the emails with bounces, there are some things that I have to check?Thanks