Good day Mauticians

I was debugging an issue we were having with a theme. Whilst I was stepping through the code with xdebug I noticed that when I clicked edit the code loops through all the themes. I am wondering why it does this?

I was expecting that the system would know what theme a particular landing page is using and should only get that config and its features.

I am asking because if our designer makes a mistake with a theme it actually stops all landing pages from being editable regardless if it uses the theme with a mistake or not. I essentially need to know the thought process behind this as I may modify this to work as I would expect it to without breaking other landing pages.

We have actually pulled themes out of Mautic and manage it through its own repo that is pulled into mautic with git submodule. we have our reasons for this as we don’t allow our designers to manually upload themes through the theme admin section, instead they will push to the repo and our auto deployment takes over the rest after a PR has been approved.