There's presumably bot accessing media and mautic registers new anonymous contacts. Thus, the contact ID builds up so quickly

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.1
My PHP version is: 7.3
My Database type and version is:

Your problem
My problem is:

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:
I have tried to exclude some IPs but other IPs also register new contacts.

Thank you for your support.

Try to exclude the IP, or if you can’t you can always run a campaign that deletes them once you understand the pattern.


so far I have excluded 13 IPs. it didn’t work because other ip also doing the same.

Here’s the patter.

all of these IPs access the following links

this’s actually social media icons on my emails

Hi create a segment filter for

URL visited contains “/media/images/”
email is empty

This segment should start a campaign, that deletes the contact.

Are you getting a lot of the same IP or is it just one ip logging one hit…I am getting tons of IPs that are visitors anonymous (not bots based on the useragent) when Mautic should have placed all the same IP in one record…they are making a new record for each one… sometimes 50-60 in a row…killing my db… Also you can montior the useragent yourself to see if they are bots or non browsers…
Be careful with the blocking and deleteing… since if you confirm they are browsers and the keep hitting your normal pages and the hit like 2-3 hits a min… most likely they are leads and you will kill a ton of leads if you start auto deleting… So be careful.
I am working on several other solutions right now…will let you know… keep us informed if you are not able to solve it… I am pretty sure many of us have this problem and do not even know about it.

I just created a segment like you’ve suggested and found 2832 contacts.

I didn’t create campaign to delate the contacts. Probably tommytx123 has something to add.

so far there’s no new contacts that match the segment filter. does that mean it has stopped ?

Within the 2832 contacts… do you see all the ones that are problem children… or had you already deleted those…If they are included then you know for sure that your segment will find them…but even if they are included you still need to run this segment in a day or two as most of the time these things come back… off and on…
Then if they do come back…you could just add the campaign Joey mentioned… and run it maybe once a week…If you know how to get the user agent of those buggers… that can be helpful to see if they are a browser… usually when its a browser mosttimes they are not any sort of bot…most bots have their on user agent… like google is Googlebot so we are able to simply put the work googlebot in the the spider box and bingo all gone…But Joey is the expert so follow his advice first.