Tracking Question - Office 365 server side with /mtracking.gif

Looking over our system tracking

We use codetwo for our email signatures (great tool and get on it if you havent). This enables our emails signatures to be generated and attached dynamically on the office365 server based on user and recipient with conditional logic.

I have attempted to hook up the gif but it keeps breaking
/mtracking.gif?page_url=email_signature&email={Recipient address}

Question: how does the Office Addon plugin work?
Does it generate a unique token or does it just append the email onto the mtracking gif as per above?

Has anyone done anything along these lines as yet?

Now that said, I feel I have a larger issue

Does this functionality still work?

I am unable to get the event to show on the contact if loading in a browser
url encoded

Our end game is to capture all the users we are sending through lemlist which runs through our office365 smtp and gets our dynamic email signature attached.

Validate things are working as expected and capture user IP addresses for programmatic advertising at a later stage for remarketing.

This should work. Plz don’t forget, that “Admin is a Ghost”.

What do you mean?
There is some method of preventing Admin users being tracked?

If there - love some details on this as I was testing in incognito, or does it run off IP address?

Check this, 2022 Halloween edition: Stranger Things in Mautic - YouTube up to minute 3:39.
I’m explaining it there.

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haha X files

Yeah, my grown up kid doesn’t know what that is, so consider yourself old.

so it looks like its tracking via the email signature

But … its locked onto 1 contact whom hasnt had comms for 12 months or so.
and all emails going outbound appear to be then feeding through to this one contact

The gif is passing through the page_url but the email address on the gif has nothing to do with the contact the gif event is getting put against.

Thus I have 1 contact with 200 events against them :slight_smile:

Is there any documentation as to how the gif tracks and associates with a contact?
javascript I understand as its well documented but the gif is 1 line of text in the documentation