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Tracking script page speed

I’m using mautic on wordpress.

I’ve optimised my site a lot and without mautic tracking installed I have less than 2 second page speed with Cache Enabler and Fast Velocity Minify plugins…

If I use the any plugin to install the mautic tracking the page speed is often above 5 seconds. I understand any tracking will affect page speed but this 3 seconds is too much.

Any advice or ideas on how to improve this?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the input…
I am already on a super fast vps with liquidweb…
The theme is also light and fast… without the tracking pixel we have less than 2 second page loads even with tons of web functionality and plugins.

It’s only the mautic tracking that is causing such slow page speeds. I wonder if it could be server config in that case??

I have same exact issue. Same setup as your Andrew…2 seconds and then it jumps to 5 seconds when I have mautic script in there. So yeah…is it a server configuration we need to look at?

Should we run mautic on a quantum computer to get reasonable response times?

lol, that made me laugh.

Fish, we are all on VPS, so we understand there is room to configure on our machine. What plan are you on…what are the specs of your server? If you are claiming 200ms then there is something wrong with my VPS provider and I would love to point out X is getting Y speed, why am I getting Z speed.

Also, what is your URL? I would like to test apples to apples to see if the issue is my provider or a misconfiguration on the server. Or perhaps its the way mautic is installed, I have it in a folder, do you have it in a subdomain?

Telling people to get a more powerful server is vague and misses the mark completely.

Thank you for your config info.

I’m with futurehosting and dishing out $50/month for the server VM3 (so if you are 200ms and I’m 3 seconds…something ain’t right). Its managed, so I will discuss with them your config and see what their thoughts are.

2 second wordpress site for me is actually pretty good. Its really a heavy loaded site…tons of crap going on with it. Pretty comes at a cost :slight_smile:

But…3 seconds for mautic.js just doesn’t seem right. And yeah, I always get a kick out of the complaints pagespeed gives out considering most of the time the offending party is Google.