Translation of segment names // Multi Language Preference Center

Hi there,
parts of Mautic allow handling multiple languages. However - now I’m stuck at the preference center. The public name of a segment is one language only. Of course we could do something like “German Title // English Title // Italian Title // …” - but this is neither user friendly, nor really usable if names get to long.

How did you do it? Any workaround possible?

A workaround could probably be this: GitHub - padolsey/findAndReplaceDOMText: Find and replace DOM text

But still interested in what you did so far :wink:

We are not using segments, but rather a form + custom field combination.
This gives you the possibility to translate form choices.

So do you use one form per language? Or translate it afterwards with JS? Unfortunately forms are also not translation supported (unlike emails).

Yes, one for / lang.
My biggest problem with the preference center is, that:

  1. Customers always want a shiny, multi-lungual pref center
  2. Customers expect to see unsubscribe rate per email


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But then the “Find and Replace Text in DOM” might be a workaround. Ugly, but hey…

I love these solutions.